COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions
January 14, 2021

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

New City Church

On January 14, 2021, Pastor Chris Payne sent an email update to our congregation. You can watch his video message below and read his email here. Many of the questions you may have are answered below.

Why has New City made the decision to pause our physical gatherings and ministry activities? 

The decision to pause our in-person services and ministry activities and worship together via New City Online through January 31 was made carefully and with input from various experts and leaders. We're saying no to gathering in our buildings in the short term so that we may say yes to the well-being of our city in the long term for two reasons:  

1. WISDOM: We are following the expert guidance of our Mecklenburg County officials, particularly this three-week directive, issued by the Public Health Director in Mecklenburg County.  

2. THE GOOD OF OTHERS: We are a community of Christ followers, and as a community, we must care for one another. Whatever we can do to lessen the effects of this pandemic, we want to do. Our call to love and serve the greater good of our city sometimes doesn’t look like you’d expect—sometimes it looks like pausing our physical gatherings so we can protect our neighbors from harm.   

How do I access New City Online?

As always, you can worship with your New City Family by watching New City Online on Sundays at 9:30 & 11:00 am.* New City Online is an ongoing way for you to stay connected to the life of our church even when you aren’t able to attend a service in person. You can access the service in a variety of ways: 

We invite you to continue to stay connected with your New City Family by using the chat feature during service through Facebook or YouTube or by joining our New City Online Facebook Group!

Also, you can catch our services any time with New City On Demand on our website at or on the New City Church App.

*Within the state of North Carolina's and Mecklenburg County's COVID-19 guidance, faith-based organizations are still allowed to record or livestream services, provided that they abide by the restriction of 10 or fewer people physically on-site while practicing proper social distancing protocols. We are abiding by these guidelines as we record

What about other events and gatherings at New City?

All services and ministry activities will be moved online through the month of January, and New City Groups are also encouraged to transition to virtual meetings during this time. We are blessed to have the connectivity needed to continue bringing gospel renewal to our city and our world in new and unique ways, even when we are not able to gather in person. 

Does New City have a plan for the coming months? What happens if cases don't improve by February?

Following the three-week time period covered by this directive, we will re-evaluate this decision with further guidance and understanding on or by February 2 and will update you as decisions are made.

How can I stay up to date on new developments and changes as New City makes them? 

As a church community, we are committed to keeping you informed. Our team works hard behind the scenes to keep our website and social media channels up to date, and should important developments occur that need to be shared, we will send church-wide email communications. The best way to stay informed is to make sure your profile in New City Center is up to date. You can easily review your profile and settings at 

Do you have resources for kids?

We do! Our NextGen team continues to partner with parents to raise up the next generation of Christ followers.  

  • Our Sunday Experience page is created weekly for kids and students and offers age-appropriate videos from their leaders, worship songs, curriculum, and activities. This is a great way to provide your kids with the “NextGen experience” virtually.  

  • You can also visit for a list of other resources including conversation guides, You Tube videos, family-friendly apps to download, and more. If you have any questions, reach out to us at

What about offering?

If you would like to set up online giving, this is a great time to do so. We have instructions for setting up recurring giving or you can give a one-time gift at 

What about my New City Group? Can we still meet? Can we watch the Sunday service together?

We believe that people are made for community, and we are passionate about the value of studying, struggling, and serving together, especially in uncertain times. Through January, Groups are encouraged to move their meetings to a virtual platform such as Zoom. If you need help learning what to do, please let us know. 

How can I help serve those who are impacted locally?  

Throughout this pandemic, the New City family has brought gospel renewal to our city and world through sacrificial servant leadership. Even through the remainder of this month, we can continue to do the same. Our Serve Team has been working on a list of ways that we can serve from home, and you can find that information by visiting  

I'm struggling emotionally and/or financially, or I know someone who is. How can I find help? 

Part of our work in bringing gospel renewal to our city and world requires us to look inward, to care for each other, pray for each other, and help bear each other’s burdens. We don't want you to struggle alone. Please visit for a list of resources we have available. If you have a particular need, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

So many people are afraid. As Christ followers, how does New City recommend we respond in these uncertain times? 

Throughout Scripture, we are reminded of the fact that God is in control (Luke 12:22-26). As Christ followers, we are called consistently to trust in his power and wisdom. In this way, we are able to practice caution without being consumed by fear or panic. Second, Scripture calls us to actively and consistently participate in the practice of prayer (Phil. 4:6-7). Prayer is the most powerful way we can impact this situation globally as a community, and there are many things we can pray for. Pray for those impacted by the virus, both those who are sick and their loved ones; pray for healing, for peace, for access to quality medical care and the vaccine. Pray for the medical professionals who are treating them, that they will be given the resources and the wisdom they need to respond well. Pray that doors will be opened to the hope of Christ for those faced with overwhelming fear or loss as a result of this crisis. 

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