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We Are New City
February 10, 2019

We Are New City

Chris Payne

I was so excited and encouraged to reveal our new name and logo today. Having a unified name and brand identity is a step many of us have been looking forward to for months, even years. I wanted to take a little time to walk you through the new name, new logo, and some of our thinking behind it—whether you missed the explanation this weekend in worship or just wanted to dive in a little deeper.

Why New City?

The hope of blending two healthy, established churches is no small task, so we felt having a common identity to get behind was a crucial step in shifting the way we think about ourselves and the way we present ourselves to our city and world.

Our leadership team, branding agency (Atypic), and elders were all involved in a long and thoughtful naming process, which involved brainstorming, word clouds, analytic reviews, and group-think sessions. We narrowed down strategically and sat with our first choice (New City) for over a month, at which point, we presented it to the Elder Board and worked through additional feedback.

New City Church rose to the top and had real staying power during the process. Ultimately, we chose it for a variety of reasons:

  1. Purpose: It allows us to clearly tell our purpose and story. 
  2. Geography: There are no geographical boundaries (works with multi-site model/future expansion).
  3. Theology: The word “new” appears some 150x in the Bible. The Bible begins in a garden and ends in a city, a new city (Is. 43:19, 42:10; 2 Cor. 5:17; Rev. 3:12, 21:2–5). 
  4. Connection: New City is pithy, and sticks with people.

Our logo and brand identity was born of a similar process. Our goal was a logo and mark that were warm, inviting, simple, and bold. Something that was distinctly ours, easily recognizable, and that would serve us well for years to come. We landed on our current mark, which points to our purpose and incorporates fresh colors reflecting the new life of Jesus and gospel renewal. They are in the same color family as our former logos but are distinctly new shades—to mark our new beginning together. We chose a bold, clear font that is simple, strong, and easily read.

The logo mark itself can be seen as a lower case “n,” formed by city building shapes (New City). Of course, everything is in the eye of the beholder, so you may also see a door that invites people in and sends them out. You may also see a tomb with the stone rolled away. We especially love that, in certain applications (above), this mark creates a wonderful pattern in which a cross is seen.

Over the coming months, you’ll begin to see this name and identity working its way into every facet of our church. Our goal is to transition completely over to New City naming and branding by Easter weekend. We look forward to uniting in such a visible way and invite you to join in our excitement.


Grace upon grace,

Chris Payne

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Chris Payne

Chris Payne

Senior Pastor