SouthPark Care Team Interest Meeting



SouthPark Care Team Interest Meeting

We're launching New City Care Teams for our congregation and we need Care Volunteers to make it happen.

Care Volunteers are those in our church who have a heart to care for others within our New City family.

We all go through seasons where we need a special provision of care from those around us. And it is our hope that we as a church are those who pray for others and find ways to care for one another's practical and prayer needs well during these seasons.

It's a challenge to plan for what will be needed when a season of care arises, so we want to have New City Care Teams willing to jump in and help whatever the need. If being a part of our Care Teams interests you, plan to join Care Pastor Nic Schrieber on December 12 after either service in the West Lobby (Colony Road side) to learn more. 

What kinds of skills and passions do we need?

  • Has a heart for prayer ministry
  • Help with transportation needs
  • Provide logistics for meal trains
  • Help with practical needs for home upkeep (lawn mowing, house cleaning)
  • Work behind the scenes at funerals
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New City SouthPark


2500 Carmel Road, Charlotte NC 28226


December 12, 2021


After 9:30 or 11:00 am Services