Men's Pure Desire Group



Men's Pure Desire Group

Pure Desire is a small group for men who want to be informed and equipped to take a stand for sexual integrity. It is also for men who want to find freedom for themselves from the effects of unwanted sexual behaviors and betrayal.

We all desire sexual integrity, whether it's for ourselves or for others. But we struggle with knowing where to start. And we know this is a widespread and destructive problem going on right now in our midst. The statistics on pornography use alone are staggering.

The Pure Desire Men's Group will meet weekly this summer beginning on June 5 and go through an eight-week study on sexual integrity. Let us know you plan to attend or ask further questions by filling out the form below.

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New City SouthPark | Eā€“16/18


2500 Carmel Road, Charlotte NC 28226


June 05, 2023


7:00ā€“8:30 pm