Planting Peace: SouthPark Women's Connect Event



Planting Peace: SouthPark Women's Connect Event

Women of New City SouthPark! We are so excited for our Spring Women's Connect Event, Planting Peace. Join us on Wednesday, May 3, from 7:00–8:30 pm for an opportunity to meet other women of SouthPark and take part in a conversation around how we can plant seeds of peace in our lives and for the people around us. We'll be digging further in to James and exploring what the Bible says about being messengers of peace in a busy, crazy world. 

The evening will include a panel conversation, light desserts, conversation in smaller groups, and pathways to get further connected in community at New City SouthPark through Groups and other opportunities. Invite a friend and sign up to let us know you're coming by Monday, May 1.

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New City SouthPark


2500 Carmel Road, Charlotte NC 28226


May 03, 2023


7:00–8:30 pm