UrbanPromise Summer Scholars Mindfulness Fundraiser

As part of their summer programming, UrbanPromise East staff are leading a special enrichment class called Summer Scholars. The goal of this class is to empower their middle school students to create solutions to real-world problems they are seeing in their communities. This year's group of students selected to learn about mindfulness in education this summer. They have been learning about mindfulness, practicing it, and interviewing experts in the field.

On Wednesday, July 27, the Summer Scholars will host a mindfulness fundraiser at their site (Cokesbury United Methodist, 6701 Idlewild Rd, Charlotte, NC 28212). They will sell baked goods and raffle off prizes to raise funds to create a mindfulness space at another UrbanPromise site in our city. 

Register online to join UrbanPromise Summer Scholars and to help make their event a success! 

Learn more on their Summer Scholars Instagram account.

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