Freedom Communities Breakfast Bags

Freedom Communities, a family centered organization seeking community transformation along the Freedom Drive Corridor in West Charlotte, is holding a day camp for children of single mothers weekdays from June 14-August 6.

New City will provide breakfast bags for 20 children each day of camp. Bags should include a protein (examples: yogurt, breakfast sandwich, breakfast burrito), a grain (examples: individually packaged cereal with milk, breakfast bar, granola bar), and fruit. Breakfast can be packed in ziplock or brown paper bags. Bags should be delivered to the New City SouthPark campus Wednesday evenings before women's Bible study, Thursdays, or Friday morning by 10:00 am the week prior to your sign-up date (contact to schedule drop-off). We do have refrigerator space at SouthPark to store them. This is an excellent opportunity for groups and families to serve together.

If you plan to include any frozen or refrigerated items, please pack them separately or leave them in the original box for storage in the freezer/refrigerator.



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Sign up to provide batches of 20 breakfast bags. Feel free to sign up for multiple slots.