UrbanPromise Tutors for Middle/High School Students

UrbanPromise Charlotte seeks "to provide Charlotte's children and youth with the spiritual, academic, and social development necessary to become Christian leaders determined to restore their communities."

You can help a middle or high school student further their potential through weekly in-person tutoring. All subjects are needed, but especially social studies (for middle school) and science, civics, and English (for high school). As an academic support tutor, you will spend 30 minutes with each student you work with.

  • High school students can receive tutoring between 3:15–5:30 pm Monday through Thursday or between 3:15–6:00 pm on Friday.
  • Middle school students can receive tutoring between 4:00–5:30 pm Monday through Thursday.

Contact UrbanPromise at 704-449-5283 for more information.

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Contact UrbanPromise at 704-449-5283 for more information.