Frequently Asked Questions

It's always nice to feel prepared when you're showing up somewhere for the first time.

Here are some questions we get a lot, in case you're asking yourself the same things. If we missed anything here, feel free to email us at

New City's “style” is fairly broad, but you'll find a mix of everyday casual and business casual on all of our campuses.

Every campus and venue has live music for each service. Their styles tend to suit the space they are in, but you can usually expect a full band worship set. We draw from traditional hymns and contemporary worship music, meant to engage people from any generation and background. 

Our answer to the fundamental question of “why” is both practical and theological. We believe church multiplication is a biblical priority and multisite churches have a greater ability to reach new believers. We believe New City Church has a unique environment that is worth reproducing in specific geographic locations around our city. And the multisite church model offers the best of both worlds—a small church community coupled with large church resources.

We are committed to live teaching, video teaching, and team teaching at every New City campus. This basically means that you can expect to hear sermons from our Senior Pastor in person and via livestream video at some point on every campus, as well as from pastors on our staff and from partner churches, as well. There is no set schedule for this rotation; it varies depending on the sermon series and time of year. 

Everyone from babies through high school at New City fall under the category of NextGen. We've got NextGen classes and activities at every campus. Learn more.

This is our favorite question! We love connecting people into community - many people do this through our Next Step class, which meets monthly. In Next Step, you learn about the church's history and mission and find ways to jump in individually or as a family. You can also join one of our community groups (married or single adults, men's, or women's), or serve in one of our ministries. Fill out a Connect Form and we'd love to follow up with you. 

Great question. If you came here confused, here's some backstory: Our two established Charlotte churches came together in 2018 to unite under one mission: to bring gospel renewal to our city and world. We are striving to be an example of unity in the local church and to do more, faster with our combined resources, passion and people. We felt the best way to do that was under a new name, as one church, so New City was born. If you want to learn more about our rebrand process, read Chris's blog post here