Engaging the Next Generation

Engaging the Next Generation

At New City, we partner with parents to raise up the next generation to find and follow Jesus.

Kids and students are a crucial part of the church body. They aren’t just the future of the church, they are already part of it. Our NextGen teams want to love and equip them every step of the way, from birth to high school graduation.

NextGen Strategy

New City NextGen Ministry is committed to partnering with parents to raise up the next generation of Christ followers. The statements and icons below illustrate what that looks like for NextGen at New City.

Start with Jesus

because from him we have life, identity, and purpose. He is the foundation upon which we build our faith and life.

Create Magnetic Moments

that draw our kids and students closer to Jesus. These moments will be what they remember when they look back on their childhood and faith story and will remind them of who Jesus is and where he has shown up in their lives.

Provide Another Person of Influence

who knows our kids and students personally, shows up consistently, and is able to be another godly voice in their life.

Send Them Ready

into the next phase of life—whether that’s a new grade, new school, or new stage of life. We’ve been called to send them ready into our city and world—equipped and prepared to live out their faith as servant leaders and followers of Jesus.

From Birth through High School

At every age and stage, we want to walk with you.

NextGen Resources

NextGen Resources

We want to partner with you by providing resources for teaching your kids about Jesus.

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Child Dedication

Child Dedication

Child dedication is an important step in the faith journey. During dedication, those raising the child make a public proclamation that the child will be raised in a Christian home, and the prayer is that the child will find and follow Jesus. Child dedication is not baptism. At New City, we believe that baptism is an outward display of the decision to follow Jesus. Baptism is a powerful symbol of new life, and it is our community’s opportunity to celebrate what the Lord is doing in the lives of our people.