At New City, we believe membership is a designation, not a destination.

At New City, membership is a part of our governance and framework.  And at its core, it is a formal commitment to New City Church.

If you’ve been coming for a while or if you consider yourself to be a part of the New City family, we encourage you to consider becoming a member. While membership is NOT the ultimate goal in our church life, we do believe it is important for our church’s health and mission.

In membership, you are making an official commitment—committing to our values and purpose together AND committing to serving and leading the mission of our church. We believe that this formal commitment allows us as a church family to walk stronger together, and it enables our church leaders to shepherd the flock with more precision and care.

We want members to participate in the life of the church throughout our environments: learning and growing in rows, connecting in circles and launching out in service as arrows. 

The process for membership at New City is simple and allows for us to get to know you if we do not already. The first step is filling out a Membership Interest Form. 
The Membership Interest Form starts you in the membership process that includes the following steps:

  • Submitting an Application
  • Attending the Membership Meeting
  • Connecting with a Pastor (one of our pastors will reach out)
  • Affirmation of Membership Covenant
  • Approval by the Elder Board

The New City Membership class is held periodically throughout the year. 

Read the New City Church Constitution and Bylaws here.

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